Health and Wellbeing 'All Together Better' at Bramley Court

The ‘All Together Better’ programme at Bramley Court is centred on providing all residents with a personalised programme of movement and exercise, individually tailored to suit their needs to help improve their overall health and wellbeing. The team works with personalised trainers to run a range of exercises classes each week to suit the diverse needs of our residents.

Prior to joining the programme, residents take part in an assessment led by specialists in elderly rehabilitation. The outcome of which is a personalised exercise programme, combining group classes, individual support from families and carers, as well as additional classes with our three trained exercise champions. We believe ensuring movement and mobility are an integral part of promoting independence and wellbeing for our residents.

Weekly exercise classes provide three levels of intensity so that all our residents’ needs are met:

  • A low intensity class for those who require a gentle approach with strong support for mobility and cognition.
  • A medium intensity workout for those who require less support and have more mobility.
  • A high intensity group workout with circuit training using barbells, resistance bands and boxing gloves for those most able.

Following the enthusiasm for exercise we have introduced a weekly Qi Gong (Tai Chi) evening class to complement our current exercise programme, which focuses on posture, breathing techniques and relaxation.

Our health and wellbeing programme also supports the opportunity to make new friends, increasing feelings of wellbeing and confidence. We want all our residents to have a zest for life!

Holistic Therapy at Bramley

Residents and their families are offered a range of holistic therapies aimed to promote wellbeing. Treatments are available weekly, on a Thursday in our Elegance salon and include; aromatherapy massage, reflexology, foot massage, Reiki (energy healing) and massage. Our therapist also provides treatments to residents in their rooms ensuring we reach all of those who are unable to visit the salon, promoting inclusion and validating feelings of wellbeing.

See how our some of our residents have benefitted from our approach to health and wellbeing:

Margaret came to Bramley inhibited with anxiety, unable to get dressed or make any decisions about her day. She walked with a frame and only occasionally made the journey from her bedroom to the dining room. With the help of the All Together Better programme, Margaret now attends all three exercise classes, including the high intensity circuit training. She walks upright with the aid of a stick, even taking trips walking to our local duck pond. Her goal is to walk around the village of Histon, independently. Margaret is now a great ambassador for our All Together Better programme and has become a confident member of the community, helping other residents, doing chores around the home and working on reception – as well as having a full social calendar. Her family are overwhelmed with Margaret’s development since coming to Bramley and truly believe her time at the home has changed her life.

Dorothy moved to Bramley early in the summer. She spent much of her day quite upset and disorientated to time and place, refusing to join in any of the activities offered. She was set with a date to move to another sheltered living setting at the beginning of the month. However, through gentle encouragement, Dorothy was introduced to the holistic therapy. Through her use of our holistic therapies, she embarked on an emotional journey and was able to address many deeply buried feelings in a positive way. Dorothy now makes her appointment weekly without fail. Since embarking on the programme, she has now chosen to remain at Bramley Court. Dorothy states she feels at home here and everyone is very friendly, often saying: “I don’t want to go anywhere else, I’d be too lonely”.

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