Case Studies See how we have improved our resident's quality of life

Dorothy H’s story

Dorothy H came to Bramley inhibited with anxiety, unable to get dressed or make any decisions about her day. She walked with a frame and only occasionally made the journey from her bedroom to the dining room. With the help of the ‘All Together Better’ programme, Dorothy now attends all three exercise classes, including the high intensity circuit training. She walks upright with the aid of a stick, even taking trips walking to our local duck pond. Her goal is to walk around the village of Histon, independently. Dorothy is now a great ambassador for our ‘All Together Better’ programme and has become a confident member of the community, helping other residents, doing chores around the home and working on reception – as well as having a full social calendar! Her family are overwhelmed with the improvements in her overall health and wellbeing since moving into Bramley and truly believe her time at the home has positively changed her life.

Dorothy E’s story

When Dorothy E made Bramley Court her home she would spend most of her day disorientated and she refused to join in any activities or be part of life at the home. Through gentle encouragement from the care team, Dorothy was introduced to holistic therapy.  By having weekly holistic treatments, she began to feel more relaxed and fulfilled. As her wellbeing improved, Dorothy was happier and more confident. She now is very much part of Bramley life and has made many new friendships with other residents.

“I feel so much better after my treatments – from my head to my toes! I feel so relaxed and my sleep has improved since I have had these weekly visits. I also don’t seem to worry about things in the way I did before.”

“My mother, Ada has been living with dementia for a number of years before we were told by her GP that she needed a 24/7 care arrangement, as she was struggling to look after herself alone and this was unsafe.   It really felt like we were loosing her.  After considering our options and exploring care homes we decided to move Mum into Bramley Court Care Home.

When Mum first moved into Bramley she was very unsettled and the transition was very worrying and challenging not just for mum, but all of us.  She didn’t want to join the other residents in the dining room and was always requesting to “go home” – she just really didn’t want to be there.

The team supported us in helping Mum during her move into Bramley Court. We stayed and had lunch with her regularly. I questioned everything – not in a negative way, but just making sure that everything was going to be ok.  The personalised care provided at Bramley still meant I could be involved in mum’s care in the way that I wanted to, but now there were other people to help us too.  The team’s dedication and compassion, as well as the support and reassurance they provided meant that Mum eventually settled well and was able to feel less anxious and we were no longer worried.  It was her home, she was part of the Bramley family and she thoroughly enjoyed living there.

Mum had been living at Bramley for just over a year when she unfortunately had an accident which resulted in her breaking her hip. Mum spent some time in hospital and was really quite poorly. She lost a lot of weight and wouldn’t even drink a cup of tea. Life seemed to be slipping away. Mum broke my heart by telling me that she would “have to die sometime soon”.

When Mum was ready to return to the home the expert team at Bramley monitored Mum very carefully encouraging her to move within her capability to improve her mobility and give her more independence within the home.  They worked closely with others involved in her care, the GP, Physiotherapist and Dietician to ensure a consistent approach to how she was cared for – it was all joined up. The team followed the advice and guidelines but added their special Bramley love too. We worked together to tempt Mum with all her old favourite foods; ice cream, desserts with cream and little oranges. They took time to encourage her with activities and meals. Little by little Mum made improvements, she gained weight and started enjoying things again.

In September we went with Mum to the seaside for the day. It was something we never thought would happen again. We got mum back. She now doesn’t ask to “go home”, but tells us the team won’t let her go home, they love her too much. Then she adds how she loves them too. That was something she never said when she first came. We’ve now got an extended family in the Bramley Family!

I was taken poorly while visiting family in Wales, this meant I couldn’t be at Bramley as normal. I had faith in the team and knew Mum was in good hands. I was able to concentrate on getting better.

My advice to other family members is that it takes time for everyone involved to let go when moving a loved one into a care home – but with the excellent team as they have at Bramley you can be sure that you are getting the best care and all the reassurance you need to make it go as smoothly as possible.  We (My Husband and I) think all the team here is wonderful and we are also very happy to visit Mum here. We can spend up to 8 hours on a visit, just being part of the home. We would be lost without it”.  Diane