We have always worked hard to ensure we remain an active part of our local community and that our residents’ families and friends see us as part of their extended family too. These strong bonds have undoubtedly benefitted us all and we have been so touched with how our community has reached out to us with their random acts of kindness. It has also been truly heart-warming to see the hundreds of messages, videos, photographs, letters and artwork we’ve been receiving from people in our community and further afield which we love going through with our residents every week.

We know how hard lockdown has been on families and communities. Indeed, we all face the same issues of isolation, nervousness and that feeling of being cooped up. Whether it’s walks in our gardens, watching a film, enjoying music, taking part in an organised activity such as gardening, arts and crafts, quizzes, games or a light exercise class, or indulging in the delicious culinary creations our chefs provide every day, life is certainly not boring for our residents. We believe that isolation, inactivity and boredom are real threats to the physical and mental wellbeing of elderly people which is why we offer so many choices and opportunities every day as well as support residents to keep in touch with their loved ones through an organised socially distanced visit in our gardens or through video calls, phone calls and letters. Our team is always there to provide the support and security to build our residents’ confidence so they feel comfortable engaging in such activities, where they can try new things or indulge in favourite hobbies. That said, if one of our beloved residents wants to have breakfast in bed and watch their favourite TV shows in their room, we understand and there is no pressure to get involved in anything. After all, we all have to admit we like doing that from time to time.

We understand the importance of supporting our residents to remain in regular contact with their loved ones which is why we are happy to work with our families and accommodate garden visits for many of our residents. These visits are pre-agreed and must follow stringent guidelines to ensure everyone remains safe. In addition to these face-to-face visits, we support residents to keep in regular contact with their loved ones through video calls, phone calls and letter writing.

There may be times when a resident needs to self isolate, for example if they are moving in to live with us, they are suspected of having Covid-19 or they have returned to us from hospital. Wherever possible we keep the isolation period to a minimum by working with health colleagues to get a swab test completed. During the isolation period, our team is dedicated to ensuring they provide the same high-quality care as before, with love and kindness. We also make sure the person still has lots of nice things to do, access to video calling family and friends and we spend extra time with them chatting and making sure they have social interaction.

In the event any resident shows any symptoms of Covid-19, our trained and qualified care team will provide the highest standard of care. The resident is immediately isolated and internal contact tracing measures are carried out to ensure any other resident or team member who could have come into contact are identified and robust steps taken. These steps include testing all involved. Throughout, our team provides compassionate, dignified and loving care which is complemented by their clinical expertise and extensive knowledge.

Our care home has, and has always had a plentiful supply of the correct high-quality PPE to protect our residents and team members. Our company has been in the care sector for over 30 years and we have multiple long-established supply chains for everything we need as well as our own extra supplies in our central stores. We have not, and will never be caught short.

Yes. Our team members and residents have been tested and we have strict measures in place for anyone entering our home to ensure we minimise all risks. These measures include regular temperature checks throughout the day and symptom monitoring as well as following the latest expert guidance on the use of PPE, including wearing masks whilst close to residents as well as gloves and aprons when supporting with personal care. Put simply, we don’t take any risks.

We are able to continue to protect our treasured residents and team because we have effective and refined Covid-19 protocols and procedures embedded throughout our home. These collective measures include stringent cleaning and hygiene practices; the correct and careful use of PPE; access to testing where needed; a clear approach to self isolation for both residents and team members; ensuring we stay up-to-date on the latest national and international sector guidance and best practice; regular refresher training for team members; clear communication with our residents, team, families and health colleagues and the safe and cautious reintroduction of outside visits by family and friends, all combine to give us a robust approach to keeping everyone safe.