Bouncing Back at Bramley!

At Bramley Court, we bust stereotypes! Every day our residents do something that most people wouldn’t expect an ‘older person’ to do.

Mrs M is a great example of this. Mrs M had a fall and broke her hip. Older bones fracture more easily than younger ones because people lose bone mass or density as they age, especially women after menopause. The bones lose calcium and other minerals, so broken hips are not uncommon.

It is, therefore, very important to keep the muscles that support the joints strong to promote flexibility and movement. We will all lose muscle mass as we age but regular exercise halt and even reverse this.  Most exercises in our classes are designed to do this; support stiffened joints and maintain a good range of movement.

Mrs M has always joined our exercise group and had been able to do most of the exercises with some prompting.  So, when she returned from hospital, we were able to help get her mobile again.  Initially it was really difficult for her. She knew that something was wrong with her leg but had no memory of her fall nor her stay in hospital. She had begun her rehabilitation in hospital, but it had been difficult due to the unfamiliar surroundings and the fact the staff didn’t know her or what she was capable of.

But at Bramley Court everyone knows Mrs M and we know that if you ask her to stand up she will always say ‘but I have only just sat down’.  We also know that with prompting and help she will take a few steps.  To us she’s not just an older person with a fracture, she’s Mrs M with a ready smile, a family and a long life lived to the full.  

So we worked with her; we helped her to stand, then we helped her to take a few steps. Everyone joined in, encouraging Mrs M to walk as much as she could. We helped her to regain her posture and strength.  At first, she was very anxious about moving but with help and support she is regaining her confidence. 

A hip fracture in an older person is a huge trauma but it doesn’t have to mean the end of their mobility. With the help and support of people who know them well, healing is possible. Mrs M’s son wants his Mum to walk again and will do whatever he can to facilitate that. She has been always been a great support to him and now he wants the best for her.  

To all of us, Mrs M is the lady she has always been and watching her walk again is a delight.  

Our fitness blog is written by Bramley Court’s resident personal trainer and qualified Nurse, Marion Foreman.