What really matters

We are all viewing things through a different lens.  Everything that we thought we knew seems to be up for grabs. 

We always thought that we could ‘do that tomorrow’.  We thought that we could go and visit our Mum / Dad / best friend tomorrow; that next week would be fine.  We thought that we were really busy and didn’t have time to call in.  Now we are thinking differently.   Tomorrow doesn’t look quite the same as we thought it would.  And do you know – that has always been the case – ‘tomorrow’ has not always been a given – we just thought it was secure.

The wonderful staff at Bramley Court have always known this.  They have always cared for everyone in their home as if today was the most important day ever.  They have always made sure that everyone that lives at Bramley has the best day possible.  That doesn’t mean that they have to do a hundred activities – it might mean that they have a very quiet, very comfortable day.  It might be an hour of favourite music, or an hour of hand massage.

It might be that what the person living at Bramley wants the most is a visit from a family member.  Just a ‘pop in for a few minutes’ type of visit.  We know that this is not possible at the moment – but what we also know now is that this can be done using the great technology that is available to us all.  We have seen the pictures – we can connect by Facetime and many other platforms.  I have had countless ‘virtual meetings’ – they take a fraction of the time that conventional meetings take, and they work well.  Of course, we can’t offer a hug or hold a hand if we are not actually there – but we can tell of our love and listen and laugh.

Let’s use this strange time to be inventive and to sort out what really matters.  There are all sorts of things that I thought I had to have (haircuts, massages, coffee and cake in a café) that I can – if not actually do without – manage without for a while.  But there are things that I know I absolutely need.  I need chats with friends, I need to talk to my children, I need fresh air and walks with my dog.  I need to know that I am loved and to tell people that I love them.

Let’s all be sure that we take this opportunity to make sure that we give everyone in Bramley Court what they want.  Can we make sure we tell all the residents that they are loved and respected for who they are and what they mean to us?  The staff do this every single day because they know that tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us.


Marion Foreman

Director of All Together Better