Letters Of Thanks

Juliet Docherty, March 16, 2018

The most important aspect of Bramley to us is that our dear Dad is finally thriving now he is in the right place. The team all chips in, everyone is so helpful. The affection they show is so natural, the management must be excellent at recruiting the right people. We are very grateful to Bramley for all they are doing. There is clearly no hierarchy of residents, all are considered equal, regardless of their faculties, which I believe is extremely important.

Thank you.

Juliet Docherty

Eileen Pearson, February 18, 2018

To all the wonderful team at Bramley Court

All my family join me in sending out heartfelt thanks to you for the loving care you gave to John during his time with you.

Each of you brought comfort and happiness to him in your unique ways. He was clearly very fond of you – the twinkle in his eye and his smile said it all.

I am grateful to every one of you for the part you played.

Much love to you all,

From Eileen

Linda Hurry, February 11, 2018

To all the team at Bramley Court

My brother John and I would like to thank you all for the love and care you gave to Mum over the years she was with you. Speaking to some of you last week we knew she was truly loved and we appreciate that.

Best wishes to you all

Linda Hurry