Letters Of Thanks

Jo Goodall, February 7, 2018

To all the team at Bramley Court

I have been meaning to write, but it is difficult to know where to start in thanking you for the significant difference you all made to Dad’s life during his time with you.

Like most families, I guess, Emma and I were worried about whether moving Dad to a care home was the right thing to do and whether he would be able to adjust to his new circumstances and environment. With your knowledge, expertise and unerring support, Dad not only adapted to his new environment, but her thrived in it. Before coming to you he had been in hospital for a number of weeks and it was very clear that a hospital environment did not work for him. What he got when he arrived at Bramley Court was his freedom back… his freedom to move around when he wanted, to engage when he wanted and to experience the world around him on his terms again.

It is probably fair to say that it took Emma and I longer to adjust to Dad’s new environment than it took him. It was so obvious that it was right for Dad and so Emma and I relaxed too – even getting to know many of the other residents as well as the team.

Every member of the team who supported Dad showed him the most incredible care and dignity, but they also showed Emma and me a huge amount of thoughtfulness too – all of which made the last few days with Dad ones that we can remember in a positive way – reassured that Dad was with people who genuinely care and who wanted to ensure the same things for him as we did.

So just saying ‘thank you’ feels a little inadequate. But Emma and I do thank you all so very much for everything you did.

With very best wishes

Jo Goodall

Eithne Ramsbottom, February 5, 2018

Thanks to all the team at Bramley Court who helped us get through John’s last week, making him as comfortable as possible.

I hope to see you all soon.


Hilary Oliver, February 1, 2018

I have been visiting my friend I have to say I am so impressed with Bramley Court. It has such a friendly homely atmosphere – I have asked to go in the waiting list. Top Marks!

Hilary Oliver